Perception: Inward and The Knowing

Perc cover image Kindle

‘What a piece of writing. I was completely immersed. I was with Max, Trudie, and Tammi every step of their dangerous, challenging and strangely enlightening journey, experiencing their pain, the cold, the heat, the hunger;  the guilt, the deep and transcendent way they can communicate. I can’t wait to start on the sequel.’ – reader comment on Perception.

In a world devastated by environmental disaster centuries before they were born, Perception is the story of Max and Trudie’s growing love as they fight to survive in the forests of the Pacific northwest. When they encounter each other in a ruined, half flooded city, each knows that something inescapable has drawn them together. Hunted by humans and wolves, overwhelmed by the sacrifices each is willing to make, they struggle to come to terms with Trudie’s history of abuse, and the strange, haunting power which Max senses growing in her. As others turn against her and she is forced to fight for her life, he is faced with abandoning everything he knows. In flight with Trudie and her sister, into places they had never imagined, he must ultimately decide whether there are limits to what one person can accept for the sake of another.


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