Firebird now out to agents

An enigmatic teenage girl is referred to a psychiatric clinic, but what if she and her story threaten her doctor’s own sense of what’s real? 

When Dr. Chris Evenson meets Catherine Abercrombie, he is shocked to realise that not only is she the subject of a mysterious picture story he has just received in the post, but that she is uncannily like someone he knew in his youth. As her therapist he must sympathetically endorse her sense of who she is while struggling to maintain proper professional distance, as she and her story begin to erode his own grip on reality. 

Firebird explores that hazy boundary between what we consider delusion, and what we perceive to be real. Readers of drafts have said: 

‘A journey into the mind that is at times harrowing, yet at the same time oddly calming and peaceful. The dream like quality of the narrative is entrancing.’ 

‘I loved this book – I was delighted by the psychological and mystical journey, the search for truth, the different layers of meaning. A powerful piece of work which leaves one reeling, but also thinking for hours afterwards.’ 

‘Of the different levels of reality in this book, one has to do with the beauty of words and imagery themselves, just as harmony and counterpoint can excite in a piece of music.’

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