Why write fiction? In my case, I suppose to share stories with others, but more importantly, through those stories, to share deeply held feelings about the human condition, the sorts of things that all too seldom come up in everyday conversation. The creative urge, in any field of art, is hard to rationalise: I can only say to aspiring fellow writers, if you want to write, stick at it, because there are few more rewarding experiences than conjuring a fictional character out of a blank page, with sufficient conviction to engage and move others.

I was fortunate to work as a science teacher for many years, but have always wanted to write. I now live in the Cornish countryside and am able to concentrate on writing. You can find my work in the links on the right.


I find publishers’ and readers’ preoccupation with ‘genre’ very difficult. I’m much more interested in telling a story that seems worth telling, than in writing for any particular genre. I hope you won’t  be put off if the ‘genre’ is not one you normally read, and will give the first few pages a chance, using Amazon’s ‘look inside’ feature, to decide if they’re for you.  Or read the reviews on Amazon.co.uk if you don’t believe me 🙂